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With over 10,000 businesses affected annually as a result of catastrophic data loss, off-site back-ups of your data are vital.  Businesses can be affected by fire, floods or system failure all of which have a massive impact on the running of your business.  We are able to give you the piece of mind that a copy of your data is held securely in our off-site storage facility.  Eltham Lewis are happy to be a key part of your disaster recovery plans and in the result of data loss or computer viruses, we can send you clean data immediately, allowing your business to focus on other areas that might be affected.

No matter what format you hold your data, from paper documents, to microfiche and computer documents.  We can hold back ups of your data and hold it at our secure premise, which operates 24 hours CCTV. In addition, any physical back up media is stored in our fireproof cabinets.

As part of our back-up facility we take your documents, files and data, scan them onto our system and then either hold or return the originals to you.  We then take regular back ups of your new data on a periodic basis to suit your requirements, whether this be daily, weekly or monthly.  The amount you need to back up and to what specifications are down to you.  We always work closely with our clients to ensure both their needs are met and any compliance or auditors requirement are met.

We not only provide clients with access to their data via hard drive cassette and USB hard drive, we are also able to offer access via on-line facilities allowing you instant access to your data.

No business wants to think about such catastrophic loss of data, unfortunately these things have happened and will happen again – it is part of running a business.  As we have done for the past 12 years, we want to ensure that we help business of South Wales continue running when such events happen.

Thanks for all your work.  You give me complete confidence that my customer information is treated with care and destroyed with the utmost confidentiality. Thanks

D. Jeavons

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