BS 10008:2008

British Standard – Legal admissability.

We are happy to provide our clients with the re-assurance that our processes and our electronic document management methodologies meet British Standards 10008:2008.  This gives you the assurance that our creation of electronic documents and the subsequent disposal of originals is done to meet current legislation with regards to the provision of these documents to official bodies or as part of legal proceedings.

Many businesses need this assurance as they cannot afford to risk a court of law or govening body dismiss important documentation based on Legal admissability. BS 10008 is applicable to any corporate body, large or small, whatever the nature of its business. In many instances organisations must retain records for upto 6 years, this is not only apparent in the financial service sector, but HM Revenue & Customs also demand key records (for example VAT invoices) of businesses must be retained for at least 6 years.  Further still under some instances the NHS demand that records are retained for 30 years.

The Law Society recommends that where a document is converted electronically and the original destroyed, written evidence of the destruction must be preserved.   Eltham Lewis Associates provides all customers with a certificate of destruction detailing the relevant files and documents involved in the electronic conversion and subsequent disposal of the original.  We provide a clear audit chain which details the process from the collection to the destruction of a file.

For more information on the British Standards Institution (BSI), please visit their web-site below

In addition to be accredited for BS 10008: 2008 Evidential weight and legal admissibility of electronic information.  Eltham Lewis Associates are also accredited under the following British Standards:
BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
BS 7858:2006 + A2:2009 Security Screening of individuals employed in a security environment.

Finally, you can rest assured that our processes are carried out to the strictest of procedures.  We are not only accredited for the above, we are one of only two companies in the UK to be endorsed by The Legal Ombudsman.

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