When RJ Moseley LLP, a specialist law firm based in Monmouth, South Wales, decided that record keeping needed a dynamic solution they contacted Eltham Lewis Associates Ltd.

A meeting was arranged to discuss their document management and scanning needs.  As always we developed a full understand of RJ Moseleys’ situation to provide then with the ideal document management and scanning solution at the best possible value. Following the meeting we agreed to take some sample files that we scanned and indexed to determine the quality thresholds, required, indexing strategy and the best possible cost for project.  Within a few days the scanned samples were produced and a proposal presented.  RJ Moseley were happy with our scanning solution, our quality and the cost – so we began to undertake the project.

The scanning solution including the scanning of images and indexing of data based on the requirements of their software house, Accessman.co.uk, who managed the Moseley’s bespoke Record Management System.  Based upon their specification, ELA produced PDF images and a separate file containing all the index data in an industry standard CSV (Comma Separated Value) style.  Once this sample had been imported successfully the green light was given to proceed with the first batch of files.

Like with many of our customer we always at keen to enhance our solutions and make life as easy as possible for the client, as well as looking to save more money for our clients.  Our experience with RJ Moseley has proved no different.  Upon completion of the first batch we were then able to offer a further a simple upload solution by making the files available to Accessman.co.uk via a secure FTP (File Transfer Protocal) portal.  This method ensured that the data was made available to Moseley’s as quickly as possible so maintaining access to their files within a short space of time.




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