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Microfiche Conversion, Aperture Card Scanning & 35mm Microfilm Digitisation
With over 12 years experience of data conversion we are aware that original formats can take many forms. From microfiche conversions to aperture card scanning and 35mm microfilm digitisation, our hi-tech software coupled with our experienced bureau team ensures that we provide you clear copies on demand as well securing your data and freeing up your office space.

Despite microfiche conversion itself being relatively straight forward our skill, experience and expertise tell us that it is the various formats and bespoke requirements that present the challenge for customers.
We are always happy to provide simple microfiche conversion but usually find our clients need an overall document management solution to obtain best value from the exercise. This latter option ensures all data is accessible and there is a single place of storage – often on their own host server.

Microfiche can take many forms including Microfilm Jacket originals and diazo copies known as Microfiche.

In addition these microfiche can contain varying amounts of data depending on the original microfilm camera or conversion method used.

Case Study One

A long-term client of ours had various formats of microfiche including 60 frame, 98 frame and 208 frame formats.

In addition, another department had microfiche with drawings in 35mm format as well as corresponding 16mm images.

Despite these complications we had the facilities to accommodate all these formats and we proceeded in converting tens of thousands of microfiche.

The solution was to work chronologically backwards so the most up to date information was digitised first and we worked our way back over the agreed time period.

All images were supplied in TIFF format to be imported into the clients host system along with the index data stipulated.

Regardless of complexity of the project, if you have a microfiche conversion project then please call us. We are committed to helping all organisations in South Wales grow and save costs; we do so within remarkable time scales as the example below shows:

Case Study Two

Our client made frequent access to their archive data that was in microfilm format. Whilst they used an automated microfilm reader printer machine they still found it very time consuming in obtaining the information required.

Meantime the scanning of paper records had taken over from microfilm as the desired archive format but they had still wanted to convert their roll film library too, however budget constraints had prevented them from doing so.

Nevertheless a situation arose that necessitated the change and they were suddenly informed that funds were now available to make the conversion in order that they could reproduce masses of information for an independent auditor.

The project involved removal of two ten-drawer cabinets full of their microfilm and the removal of their Reader Printer as it would no longer be required.

We collected the cabinets and the reader printer in one collection within 48 hours of notification to proceed. An additional shift was arranged and we started the process of conversion immediately.

Images were returned on a daily basis via our secure ftp server together with any urgent requests. The whole job was completed within 7 days.

Aperture Card Scanning & 35mm Microfilm Digitisation

Many companies still find they have masses of microfilm media that is sporadically used. In many cases they now only have viewing facilities as their old Reader Printers have either fallen into disrepair or are too expensive to replace.

The vast majority of clients will now convert this media on a piecemeal basis but often situations dictate high volume conversion – which we are pleased to offer too.

In one recent case a client that we had provided scanning services for over many years was taken over by a larger organisation.
Although our client had volumes of 35mm Microfilm and Aperture Cards they had not been prepared to digitise the entire back catalogue – however, digitisation was utilised on a requirement only basis.

However the acquisition highlighted certain shortfalls in their Drawing Registry information that was required by their new owners – particularly relating to Product Liability issues.

In addition the acquisition created a merger between two production areas one of which was sited 200 miles away.
This area also had a massive quantity of Aperture Cards.

The need to merge information into one effective central source was paramount.

After checking market prices they found that we were not only significantly cheaper but could deliver within the agreed timeframe.

We were tasked with managing the project, which included collection of microfilm cabinets from both sites, creating a comprehensive database and correlating the images accordingly.

As a result the host client has now requested that we undertake work for other sectors within their group of companies across the UK as the service level delivered by our team exceeded their requirements.

Thanks for all your work.  You give me complete confidence that my customer information is treated with care and destroyed with the utmost confidentiality. Thanks

D. Jeavons

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