Books Conversion

Our specialized equipment can handle books, registers or deeds of all shapes and sizes.

With sympathetic handling we understand the value of such volumes and ensure that the best possible service is deployed.

Images can be colour, greyscale or black & white and in the format you prescribe.  We aim to give you a tailor-made cost effective solution to your book conversion needs.

Case Study One

Our client in the construction industry requested that we scan their archive backlog of data including masses of Contract Booklets.
Each booklet not only opened out to an A3 size but had amendments stapled within.

Our solution involved the digitising of the books ensuring that we took images with and without the amendments to cover all possible scenarios.
We were able to achieve this using our specialist book scanners.  Our specialist software also includes spine correction technology, which can remove any shadow effects that could affect image quality.

All this was done without causing damage to the original booklets.  These are now kept in our secure storage warehouse, based in South Wales.

Case Study Two

With ancient volumes of data returning to the fore of public interest including ancestry and family tree searches (genealogy) we were presented with the opportunity to digitise a wide range of bound volumes that range from A5 & pamphlet sizes up to A0 sizes.

Using various sized book scanning equipment these were converted and indexed to a very high quality specification.

Our client was so happy and impressed by our expertise, quality and speed that we now work with several organisations that they have referred to us.

Thanks for all your work.  You give me complete confidence that my customer information is treated with care and destroyed with the utmost confidentiality. Thanks

D. Jeavons

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