Since the coalition has come to power the media keep informing us of proposed cuts to public sector spending.   From Councils to Health Trusts there is pressure to cut costs and make “efficiency savings”.

 Since 1999 Eltham Lewis have been helping many local organization in South Wales reduce costs, increase efficiencies and increase profits.  Our solutions have proved time and again to be both simple and effective.  We listen to our customers’ requirements and deliver a bespoke digital document management solution to meet the need and the budget constraint all at the same time.  Our experience has taught us that most organizations, from small businesses to large organizations, waste a lot of time searching for documents.  Even the most organized of people can spend time searching filing cabinets for documents and wasting valuable resources that could either be used servicing customer needs or facilitating other methods of improving the business and ultimately increasing efficiency.  Why is it that the most important documents seem to go missing at the most crucial of times?

 Document scanning is a method used to digitise and organize your documents.  Using specialist-indexing techniques we are able to help organizations quickly and easily locate the documents they need. This means less time searching through cabinets and more time spent on important and necessary work. As records have been scanned and digitised it reduces the time it takes to search for these and, as a consequence, staff can retrieve files instantly at their desktops and deliver a faster solution.

 In some cases whole rooms are used to store paper documentation.

Rather than cramming people into additional offices or, even worse, paying for smaller satellite offices, these rooms can been freed up for proper office space simply by scanning and digitising such documents. The opportunity cost of scanning is proven in this instance.

 With more and more pressure being put on all Public Sector Departments, we believe our document management and scanning solutions could be of huge benefit and help alleviate some of your pressures – helping cut costs and increase efficiencies.

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