At Eltham Lewis Associates we make it our business to know your business. We are well aware that financial service regulations require lenders and brokers to retain various forms of client documentation, often for several years. We have worked hand in hand with many clients in the financial services sector including Banks, Insurance Companies and Brokers, Personal Loan Companies etc. all of whom are covered under the FSA rules. All documents we scan for you can be scanned to BIP0008, the British Standard’s Code of Practice for Legal Admissibility and Evidential Weight of Information Stored Electronically.

Often customers have limited storage space but have to keep documentation for compliance purposes – notwithstanding the need to deal with enquiries in an efficient manner.

Our high quality document scanning machines have help provide many solutions to our clients in the finance sector and assisted their compliance requirement as well as help them prove that they have treated customers fairly.

One of our clients held many years of data in external storage containers in their car park. After a visit from the FSA they were informed that the storage conditions and security provisions were not sufficient given the type of personal data being held.
In addition, the local council had denied further planning permission to allow continued growth of such storage.

We were tasked with the removal of the data in a managed process over several weeks. The client documented the box release in line with procedures laid down by the FSA.

We scanned all the proposal forms and associated backing data.
Identified each and every different document type plus the reference number and input this into their index database. In addition, all credit/debit card details had to be redacted (electronically blocked) to ensure compliance.

Upon completion all images and index criteria were uploaded in the clients main host system to allow easy retrieval by staff upon demand. Such retrieval of information allowed the client to manage customer enquiries more effectively and an improvement in their level of service was experienced within weeks of the implementation.

Furthermore the client decided to retain the paper copies. These are now stored in our secure premises but can be confidentially be destroyed using our own high volume cross cut shredder when stipulated.
This gives our client a complete solution from start to finish without involving any other third parties and, most importantly, ensures the client meets the compliance standards set by the FSA.

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Thanks for all your work.  You give me complete confidence that my customer information is treated with care and destroyed with the utmost confidentiality. Thanks

D. Jeavons

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