Eltham Lewis Associates are asking for feedback from customers about a potential new service…

Most of our work is undertaken at our main facility. We have occasionally been requested to provide our expertise “on-site” for various reasons. It could be to scan a small set of documents that are regularly used but cannot leave the office due to frequent retrieval. It may also be due to the highly confidential nature of the data. “On-site” scanning can solve a multitude of problems.

We haven’t advertised this service yet but may do so if your feedback is positive.

Could you, anyone in your organisation, or anyone you know make use of an “on-site” service?

If you could drop us an email with your thoughts we would love to hear from you. We really do appreciate your help and value your input.

Email info@scan4u.co.uk <mailto:info@scan4u.co.uk>

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