At last a solution to all those awkward documents that need high resolution scanning…

  • Books – Up to A3 size
  • Diaries or Laboratory Notebooks
  • Contracts which include post it notes and overlays Exceptional security for added peace of mind, combined with competitive rates to provide real cost benefits to you.

We all know that pressing these items onto a photocopier not only produces a warped looking image but also damages the original binding – so how about a Scanner that not only scans face up but can correct the “curved spine” issue as it does so?

The Fujitsu ScanSnap600 has been rigorously tested by Eltham Lewis and we now have the expertise to offer this specialist service to our clients.

  • Colour or Monotone Scanning option

  • Mobile Service available for highly confidential data

  • Has the facility to scan multiple dockets such as receipts


A flexible solution to compliment our main archiving services.

Please let me know if we can be of service – I am sure we can help.

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